Interview with D.T.

By: D.T. (Journalist)

Time: 1130 AM

Date: 2/20/11

John “Jersey” Auletta, aka “Jersey the Hitman”

Jersey was sentence on November 5, 2010 for 3 Life sentences Plus 145 years in Jackson Super Max Prison, Jackson, Georgia 30233 He is on 24 hour lockdown. A number of Swat Team Officers rushed Jersey from the courtroom straight to prison where he is now serving time waiting for an appeal. Jersey was not allowed to return to the county to retrieve his property.

Where are you serving time at Jersey?

Jackson Super Max Prison, F-Wing cell #103 aka Hell’s top Floor.

Three lives plus 145 years in Super Max, How do you feel about that?

It is what it is, I can’t change fate, if this is Gods plan then I just do it, I don’t even think about it a real nigga can adapt to any situation, weak nigga’s fold, the streets showed me how to stand for better or worst.

I heard about your Book “Loyalty is Everything” tell me about it, tell me about it.

Growing up with the Big Homies was like a dream to many young dudes, when I was little I always wanted to be a Gangsta kuz that is all you see in the Bricks (New Jersey). Yes I wanted to learn everything, but loyalty was something I always asked about , and my homies always showed me how to be loyal but no one ever told me the down fall of loyalty, so in this book I’m telling the youth both sides of loyalty kuz you can be ready to die for this flag but ya own homies won’t even take a jail bid for you. So why waste loyalty on something that’s not loyal back, give that loyalty to your family, the people that's gone be there for better or worst don’t get it twisted I’m not talking down on banging but if it ain’t for you then let it be kuz its something you can never shake off, trust me I know.

How old are you Jersey?

I’m 25 but I feel mad older.


Kuz I had to learn how to survive by myself at only 13 years old, I seen so much and learned the code at 13 when I shot this dude and got sent to youth prison. I seen bloodshed all my life, I lost 5 Homies in my arms I took lives for the cause, I was blinded by loyalty.

So that is why the Media say you are the Hitman for the 9 Trey Blood’s?

Yo first off I’m not a 9 Trey Blood (never been and never will) I bang 183rd Gangsta Blood, and I don’t look at myself as a Hitman, I took lives kuz at a young age I thought it was right. I was banging , you bang or get banged. I survived in the jungle kuz I never sliped up, but bets believe if I sliped I’ll be dead, I look at it like this , I was working for God and the devil, trust me if God ain’t want that person to die then my gun would have jammed but if it was that time then God allowed it to go down, but the devil put the evil in my heart to take another persons life. Paul in the bible killed many but still got saved so fuck it on God can judge me.

That is deep but do you have any regrets?

Shit I am who I am fro the pain, love, struggle and Blood. I would not call it regrets but I hate that my loyalty blinded me from seeing through these fake nigga’s that snitched on me but hell no.

Why did you become a Blood?

I was missing the love I wanted from my family, so I looked in the streets for love and when nobody took me in the Blood’s took me in and they all I know so that’s where my heart is, smell me.

How old were you when you got down?

I got down on my 14th birthday in Bronz, New York on 183rd and Prospect Ave.

What is you rank in Blood?

2 Star General.

Are your family gang members?

This interview is about me and only me, I will not speak on nobody else. I only talk on my behalf, smell me.

Sorry, ok then how many people you think you killed?

Damn Son, read my book and count and you would have a guess kuz my book is straight uncut on my part, I changed names kuz I’m far from a snitch.

With murder confessions in your book, do you think it will hurt your Appeal?

Yeah it’s gone hurt me, but everything you do in life that’s wrong will always come back to haunt you, but to be real my family is hurting out there and no matter what we been through they always loved me the same they never changed up so I’m doing this for them and the youth, I don’t care if they give me death for this book, as long as I know my family ain’t hurting and struggling in this fucked u world, kuz when you struggling it make you do the wrong things, so I rather give the world my life story of how ruffles the streets made me and let my family eat off my book sales kuz no other book got nothing on what I been through in New Jersey, New York and Atlanta. Fuck that fiction shit, this real life true story, so I took one for my family with this book “Loyalty is Everything” right.

Do you have any children?

Not that I know of.

In the intro of your book you got shot, how was that like and why did you get shot?

Being shot is crazy kuz everything flash before your eyes the pain your not thinking of only death on your mine but I was riding with my Big Homie making a dope drop off, my Homie Live was in the back seat and my Big Homie went to make the drop and niggas ran up on the car and started shooting, thy killed my homie Live, God Bless the Red, I survived but was on life support, but my Big Homie only robbed it’s deep, Just read and you will know the whole story.

Let’s talk about the trial, you lost trial because your own homies turned on you, out of 10 of ya’ll only 4 of you got Life plus, how do you feel about that?

Yeah, it’s ugly how your own homies turn on you when pressure is put down, but I ain’t new to Treason, when I was 11 years old my home boy I grew up with told on me about shooting this dude and I got locked up and the Judge gave me a year in Youth Prison with that bid I lost my family, at a young age so my heart went cold. When I grew up I went back to Jersey to kill my own homeboy, it sound brazy but the price for treason is death in every country, so it’s the same with the streets. It’s all in my book, I lost my family kuz of his treason so he had to get dealt with so I’m not new to niggas committing treason but to set the record straight, the AJC News report talk about Darryl Mac Jones Christmas like he kept it G, fuck no son, Darryl Christmas is a snitch to, he was the first to snitch but he suppressed his statements but he still committed treason so he know the outcome, he pussy so he a waste of skin anyway, Kenneth Baby Boy Robinson is a snitch too he, he got on the stand at trial lying through his teeth but its all G, treason is death so know more said, the on person kept it G, with me is Black, I love my dude (no homo) he a real Harlem hustler. If you was to ever turn your back on God and you gave your life to Him then it’s death in hell that’s treason right. If you gave a oath to the U.S. and you turn on them and ride with Asia then it’s death kuz you committed treason. It’s the same for Blood you take our oath then you snitch then it’s death, treason is death no way around it. Jersey said that. Copy right it do what ever you want but its law, Blood. Believe it.

Jersey 3 life sentences plus 145 years to serve, explain how you gone serve that?

Fuck you mean how, Ill serve it til the death, these mother fuckers gave me a overkill sentence, with life plus, that mean I got to serve the plus before I start the lifes, so that mean I got to do 145 years before I start my life’s, and each life is 30 years, so add that the fuck up, that’s 235 years I got to do in a high maximum prison with no contact at all that’s fucking overkill my dude but its all G I knew the lifestyle to banging once I picked up that red flag, Its only two outcomes death in the streets or death in prison. So I guess I die G Macking behind these walls ya heard.

High maximum with no contact, why that?

When I was doing time in the County Jail, I was wilding out with no heart. I was stabbing nigga’s left and right I got like 12 to 15 open assault charges in the jail, so they got me labeled as a serious threat but on some G shit I was just going through it in the jail, my shortly fell bask off me my family had they own issues. My homies in New York got fucked up off that big gang sweep in 2010. The money was tight and I had to do me to survive, so I was wilding to keep food in my stomach and I was wilding to ;hide my pain I smiled to hide my hurt. I spazzed to hide my emotions come on son I was facing the death penalty. So you will never know my feelings if you never been in my shoes smell me but once again I survive in the jungle and now I’m sitting in my cell at Jackson Max State Prison 23 hour lockdown one hour in a cage and showers in your cell. High Maz brazy son mad nigga’s swear they killers cause they in high max so they popping big shit. Bitch nigga throwing shit and piss on ;you when you walk by they cell niggas cutting on they self screaming and kicking on the door all night, High Max is another world you got Crips, Bloods, GDs, Kings, GF and Sur 13’s all in one cell block so its work war’s all night, no sleep in F-Wing, A.K.A. Hells top floor niggas making face remover which is magic shave, bleach, baby oil, piss and hot hot water and once it hit your skin your skin pills right off brazy right niggas sitting in the cell praying to God just to get mail but as for me. I workout, read, write, bang, listen to music and have to listen to these fake ass cell gangstas that talk shit cause they know they can’t Im out , Suwoo to Da Eastside G`Ganga. God bless the Red to OG Tye. And still banging my Chuck Taylors in High Max word life, Eastside.

Why did you name your book “Loyalty is Everything” (Hurting the Streets)?

Yo, everything I stand for is Loyalty but its all love ya heard. I gave the streets my heart kuz that is all I knew. I was loyal to the street code even before blood I had a street rep. Nevertheless, once I became Blood that was my family and I gave it my all, every drop of blood in me is loyal to what I believe. Never half do shit if you gona do it, then do it up my dude. Like right now Im doing this book for the Youth kuz their hurting out there its ugly. I know I might even get the death penalty off this book for confessing shit but Ill leave this earth knowing I told my story, that’s Loyalty so my life is on code “Loyalty. But as for the small title “Hurting the Streets as I followed my code I knew Blood was gone get shed, up North is no joke so before I come a target. Im gone Hurt the Streets for real. I lost a lot my dude, God bless all my Red Homies who fell for they flag. I love ya’ll on my “Capo” Bang Bang Pasaka Upande Uaminifu Angu Ajali, Apisha (speaking Swahili).

Where did your last name “Auletta” come from do it have a meaning?

My dad is full blood Italian and he has a twin Uncle Jeff. Auletta means twin in Italian, My dads Italian family cut all ties from him once he married my mom. I guess Italians do not deal with, well you know what they say. That is where my last name came from my dad, mom always said black and Italian does not mix well.

Is your dad Mafia related?

Yo, my dad got issues, so he’s issue related, lol. This ain’t about him this is about me and Im M.O.B. related so leave that question dead. But Suwoo to all my homies behind the G Wall. You know the rules G stack before you G Mack, stay 050 with them Hawks on ya waist. Im out Bang Bang Eastside Blood Gang, Donald G’z up , Lady Gug you raised a mother fucking beast, True Story. Yo Black (Universal) I love you my dude for your Loyalty, BX to Harlem my dude, even tho we got 3 life plus we still gone keep I’ll head up and eyes openm now let’s Bleed the Block (cell block). HAFFA AT ME. Fuck wack Jones (Darryl Christmas).

So you been doing time since you was 13 years old?

Yeah, one taste of the system and it is hard to shake it.

Why did you shoot that person when you was 13 years old?

Just read my book and you will know the full story but I was trying to have sex with a female in a stolen car but we was in her hood and her boyfriend saw us and opened the door and beat my ass and my bousin (cousin) heard it from the girl house and he came out and the dude started beating my older bousin ass too, so I grabed the 32 revolver out the side car door and aimed it at the dude and pulled the trigger. And that started a war between Hunterdon Street my hood and 20th Street his hood. It’s deep, that was the first time I ever shot somebody and to be real, it felt good to see the pain I was sending but I only was protecting my family. “Loyalty is Everything.”

So far, how many publishers have contacted you?

Teri Wood’s got at me but it aint to much said , AuthorHouse Publisher got at me to but the money plan ain’t to good right now. My mom dukes doing her best to push my book. but it’s only so much she can do but she showing love and loyalty to the max and I love her to life for that, she’s my valentine this year moms playing a major part with my book but all I need is a editor and publisher and I promise this a easy mill ticket. This no fiction book this a uncut story from a known Blood General. Therefore, if any publisher reading this interview I promise you could be a million richer. My case was on CNN and Fox 5 news for weeks. Therefore, the world wants to hear my story, so let at me so we can get it popping.

John Auletta #1170408

GDC Jackson Super Max F-wing 103

P.O. Box 3877

Jackson, GA. 30233

Do you ever think you would change and leave it behind you, the banging that is?

There always a time for everything I’m still in my prime so it’s banging til the casket drop but I know when I grow up I’ll see things different but don’t get twisted it’s still Dawg until and after I drop but for right now a lot of homies look up to me right now so I’ll never let them down. I can’t forget about the struggle so I’m gone keep it trill with my lil homies even when you drop your flag your flag you can’t hide from your past so why drop it when you can keep it 110 til the end. God Bless his soul but Tookie Williams droped his flag for the Youth but they still put him to sleep forver. Theres never a happy ending to gang banging but I’m gone give the youth a wake up call with this book about my life, so with that said it’s 183rd til I drop.

Is your book done?

Yeah its done, 356 pages and 28 chapters I only need a editor and publisher then the world gona know why I think the way I do.

Before we end this interview, what advise would you give to the youth?

Please take my life style as a wake up call don’t die over something you just trying to look cool for. Gang Banging is real once you in there's no out so be something in life and don't waste it on trying to be something your not and to all my Youth that’s already Banging keep ya friends closer kuz they gone be the ones to take you down, trust me I know. 27 people testified against me at my trial and half of them was suppose to be my Homies. I’ll never look down on my Lil Homies out there Banging for the cause ya’ll just doing what I was doing at that age bur learn from my mistake being blinded by loyalty.

Any last word Jersey?

My last words would be the Lords Prayer but I got shout outs, Eastside to all my real right homies, 5 Double O, TripleO that Godfather flow, stay 050, and lock and load, free the Big Homie L.B., free Black, Ace, money Ace, Banga B, Philly, Green self, Goat, Dre, E.T.., Ock, World, J.5, Bird, free the whole G.F. If I miss you then it’s all G, blame it on the sour I smoke I’m out. And mad love to my family Mom Dukes, sisters and all. I love you GG, I love you Ms. Beautiful. I love you Big Homie and I miss you brazy. God Bless the Red. Eastside.

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